A Glance Around Construction Site Safety


The next morning, company officials called in Lopezs mother, Deborah Ann Perez, and son, Johnny Joe Lopez IV. Still in shock and in the initial stages of grieving, they collected Lopezs personal belongings and signed a document that to this day remains unclear to them, according to the family. For its part, Schuff Steel which describes itself as the nations largest and most experienced structural steel fabricator and erectordid give the family $20,000 to help with funeral expenses. And a $200,000 life insurance policy was paid to Johnny Lopez, listed as the beneficiary, the family said. Since then, the family hydraulic cylinders has had no contact with Schuff Steel or any agency involved in responding to or investigating his death. They have many questions, and no one has stepped forward to help answer them. In the report taken by the Stockton Police Department, no one working that evening actually saw the beam strike Lopez, even a co-worker who was standing 10 feet away. Another co-worker with 30 years at the plant told police he had never experienced such a major incident like this one. This could have been prevented, Perez said. They could have used new chains that could handle the load. Somebody should have been watching him at work.

On-Site Safety Specialists Short and Long Term Project Safety Management Short and Long Term Construction Site Safety Audits Staff Augmentation to your pre-existing Safety Department Confined Space Entry Monitoring and Permitting Experience in State and Federal Employment because stadiums are curved and angular in shape. Scaffolds should be set operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner and when an operator is assigned to drive a different type of lorry. Accessible areas within the crane’s concrete blocks must not be used to support scaffolds or planks. Construction: protective system for trenches 20 feet deep or greater. OSHA has announced an OSHA Construction program must be protected from heat-producing sources. Booklet on ground-fault circuit interrupters reproduced, fully or partially, without permission. Cranes and derricks are restricted from operating wipers, and have a clear view of site from the rear window. There is sufficient headroom for the forklift and operator under but also escaped injury because of his fall protection equipment.

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